No Till Nutrient Kit
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Our Complete 'Not Till Nutrient Kit' is for both mixing up and re-amending your soil before or after a bloom cycle - apply either by mixing into your soil or top dress. We've designed our Nutrient Kit to restore the nutrients consumed during the previous grow cycle and rejuvenate your soil. 

When re-amending, apply the 'Nutrient Kit' to the top of the soil, cover with compost/mulch and lightly water it in.

To create your own No-Till Soil, we recommend adding 1 Nutrient Kit (2Kg) per 75L of No Till Soil.

For nutrient-intensive perennials, we recommend you use  1 cup of Nutrient kit per 25L of No Till Soil.

This product is sold in a 2kg quantity. 

Vendor: organic gardening solutions
Size: 2kg, 5kg