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The immune system of the Aloe Vera plant incredibly strong; Aloe Vera plants are never affected by pests nor insects. OGS Aloe Boost brings these benefits from the Aloe Vera plant to your garden.

What is OGS Aloe Boost?

Our Aloe Boost is the ideal adjunct for microbe proliferation in both the rhizosphere (root zone) and phyllosphere (leaf surfaces and above ground). The abundance of complex carbohydrate sources within Aloe Boost will cause microbial populations to skyrocket, breathing new life into your soil and plants, promoting consistently healthy growth while significantly increasing pest resistance and immune responses.

OGS Aloe Boost is composed of cold pressed and carefully processed whole leaf Aloe Vera extract. It promotes photosynthesis, ion uptake and ion transport, as well as boosts phytoalexin production in your plants to bolster their defensive arsenal against pathogens.

OGS Aloe Boost contains several components that improve your plants immune systems and resilience to pests including:

  • B group vitamins which can accelerate plant growth.
  • 5 different polysaccharides with considerable capacity for chelation to further facilitate nutrient uptake by your plants.
  • Saponins for IPM and to promote both plant and fungal growth.
  • Salicylic acid to boost your plants immune system and increase drought resistance.
  • Gibberellins and Indole Acetic Acid to promote cell division.
  • Phytochemicals of Aloin.

How Do I Use Aloe Boost?

Foliar Feeding / IPM: 30 mL Aloe Boost per 10 L water. Spray both the surface and underside of foliage.

Soil Drench: 15 mL Aloe Boost per 10L water.

Please Note This Listing Is For 1L of Aloe Boost

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