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What are Coffee Grinds?

Coffee grinds (Spent) are the remains of the ground-up coffee after passing hot water through it.  This 'spent' coffee is generally wasted, however, it has several benefits. It improves soil structure overtime and breaks down moderately to release nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. 

Contrary to some opinions, coffee grinds WILL NOT reduce the pH of your soil.

How does it work?

Coffee grinds are rich in nitrogen while still containing meaningful levels of both phosphorous and potassium. Naturally favouring fungal breakdown, coffee grinds will promote microbes and mycelium within your soil mix as it releases its nutrients. Over time Coffee Grinds will turn into humus and add to the overall quality of the soil. 

  • We recommend this product in conjunction with bokashi for excellent results!
  • N / P / K =  2 / 0.5 / 0.5
  • This product is sold in a 1kg quantity. 
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