Diastatic Barley Malt Extract
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What is Diastatic Barley Malt Extract?

Diastatic Barley Malt Extract is derived from whole malted barley kernels and concentrated into a viscous mixture rich in micronutrients, enzymes that facilitate the breakdown of organic matter in the soil, and many plant hormones vital for optimal growth. Diastatic Barley Malt Extract can be used as a substitute for a sprouted seed tea and is intended to be a replacement for Ground Malted Barley, however there is no harm in using Ground Malted Barley Grain and Diastatic Barley Malt Extract in tandem.

Of particular note, Diastatic Barley Malt Extract is loaded with Gibberellins and Auxins, which are involved in enzyme synthesis and many other important growth and development processes. It also contains an abundance of chitinases, which are required by plants for creating certain fungal symbioses and are utilised in systemic acquired resistance responses and the salicylic acid pathway, both integral to fungal and insect resistances and other immune responses.

We have taken this product one step further by adding in additional 5-alpha-amylase to increase the rate of carbohydrate breakdown, which contributes to an unparalleled level of microbial activity.

Please note that heat can destroy diastatic power (denature the present enzymes). This product has a shelf life of 6 months at room temperature.

How Do I Use It?

Dissolve 1 teaspoon per 10L water and use as a soil drench.


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