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What is The OGS Diverse Microbes? The The OGS Diverse Microbes contains a biologically balanced blend of soil and plant microbes designed to assist in the solubilisation of nutrients, enhance the fixing of atmospheric nitrogen and improve root health and plant resilience. This specially balanced blend of microbes can be added to any aerated teas you make to supercharge their microbial profile and maximise the benefit you receive from all other inputs.

How Do I Use The OGS B&F Inoculum? All brewing equipment must be thoroughly cleaned before and after use. While handling, brewing and applying microbial products appropriate clothing, gloves and face masks should be worn. Do not freeze the resulting tea. For each 10L of water: Add 10mL of Molasses (or any simple carbohydrate) and allow it to dissolve. Sprinkle 5g of B&F Inoculum over the surface and allow the agitation from the aeration source to mix it in. Brew for 18-24 hours at 20-30 degrees Celcius. Use as soon as possible after brewing. In cooler conditions slightly longer brewing times may be required. This product works best when brewed This Listing is for 100g

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