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OGS Gypsum

Gypsum is a natural source of both Calcium and Sulfur (Calcium Sulfate) that corrects soil sodicity (too much Sodium). It improves the Calcium-magnesium ratio of soil, which loosens the soil, improving water infiltration, soil structure and Oxygen content.

The Sulfur in our Gypsum will enhance crop flavours and aromas but also plays a vital role in nitrogen fixation (Sulfur is present in the important nitrogenase enzymes that contain a Fe-Mo-S cluster) and is used as a catalyst for many vital plant processes. Sulphur is also involved in the proper function of plants' immune system via ample glutathione to combat oxidation stress.

What are the benefits?

Calcium is the workhorse of the plant. It shuttles other nutrients around the plant; its availability to the plant is incredibly important. Sulfur is required in the production of both terpenes and resin. Having an abundance of Sulfur will allow for maximum terpene and resin production.

  • Improves soil tilth.
  • Improves water infiltration.
  • helps prevent and correct soil sodicity 
  • Reduces surface crusting.
  • Increases yield and flavour.
  • Facilitates intensive transportation of macro-molecules around the plant during bloom.

How do I use it?

Gypsum can be top-dressed, mixed into soil or used in watering, with NO negative impact on plant health. Gypsum can be applied in heavy doses with no issue and provides an intermediate-length source of calcium and sulphur. Gypsum has a solubility of aprox 2g/ L at room temperature, allowing it to be used as an immediately available organic source of Calcium and Sulfur.

We recommend at least 2 cups of Gypsum per 25 Litres of Medium.
1 Cup per plant can be used mid-cycle to treat calcium issues.

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