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Our Kelp Meal is useful for every purpose! It makes an amazing top dressing and must be in any good soil mix.

The natural plant hormones in the Kelp help reduce the stress associated with transplant and heat shock, which will allow your plants to grow quicker and transition more smoothly after transplants.

What is Kelp Meal?

Kelp Meal is an excellent source of NPK, along with over 60 micronutrients. It has many complex carbohydrates, such as Alginic acid and mannitol, and plant hormones, like cytokines, Indoles, Auxins and Gibberellins. These hormones are involved in a variety of processes, from enhancing vegetative growth and flowering all the way through to reducing shock from transplanting, over-watering and heat shock. It is rich in amino acids and minerals, enhancing microbial life enormously and helping to ensure a better crop.

Our Kelp meal has

- 22 % mineral content overall
- 50 % Carbohydrates
- 6 % Amino Acids
- 2 % Sulfur (Helps ensure you get the tastiest, most terpene-rich harvest possible)


How is Kelp Meal used?

Unlike micronized water soluble kelp offered in some of our products, kelp meal is best used as an amendment, for topdressing, or to make nutrient teas. We recommend you have kelp in your potting mix and use it as a topdressing agent. This will ensure the plant has ample access to all the benefits kelp provides.

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