Malted Barley Grain
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Malt barley grain is a rich source of complex carbohydrates and beneficial growth enzymes that stimulate plant growth at any stage of its life cycle. It energises the microbes in your soil to break down organic matter into plant-available food and is the perfect accompaniment to any input.

Gentle enough to use regularly but potent enough to see the effects in front of your eyes - stimulating a white fuzzy microbe layer to form over your soil. Malt Barley can be applied as whole grains for slow release or ground up for a quick infusion before harvesting your crop.


Soil Amendment:  

Use: ½-1 cup per 25L of soil

To Topdress: 

Grind into a powder, apply 1 tablespoon to the base of a 25L pot and water in. The OGS All-In-One Water Supplement works with a Malt Barley topdressing to get the most out of the grain.

Sprouted Seed Tea: 

  1. Add 7 grams of ground Malted Barley Grain per Litre of water. 
  2. Bubble the water with Barley for 12-24 hours.

(Warning: it will foam a lot)

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