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Our Top-Dress Kit (mulch) is a mixture of several of our products that synergises together to release both nutrients and microbes in unparalleled levels!

The Top-Dress Mulch is composed of Bokashi,  Alfalfa Meal, Neem Cake, Malt Barley (ground), Wheat Bran and 2 grades of Alfalfa Meal.

Through the use of a finer amendment layer covered by a more coarse layer - embedded with Bokashi - we have developed a Top-Dress that both acts as a micro-climate perfect for a NoTill environment, but also leaches nutrients and microbes into the root-ball of the plant.

These ingredients in combination to allow the microbes such as lactobacillus, to inoculate the mulch and slowly metabolise the amendments. This slow degradation allows for both microbes and nutrients to be leached into the root-ball each watering.

These benefits are only amplified by the fact the mulch layer encapsulates the moisture in the topsoil / immediate rhizosphere, which again facilitates both bacteria and fungal microbes to function most adequately.


Without a mulch layer, you are missing half of the benefits topdressing provides!

This listing is for 1.5 kg of top-dress mixture (1000g of fine amendments 500g course alfalfa top layer)
Vendor: organic gardening solutions
Weight:  1.5 kg