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P-Solubalizing Microbes: Boost Your Plants' Growth and Nutrient Absorption

Give your plants the vital nutrients they deserve with the P-Solubalizing Microbes 50ml solution. This powerful product is a concentrated blend of two powerhouse microbe strains working together to improve your plants' growth and overall health. It not only solubilizes phosphorus but also offers a range of other benefits. Transform your garden with this fantastic solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Potent combination of microbe strains: Contains Azobacter (Vinelandii) and Bacillus (Substillis) strains for maximum effectiveness
  • Phosphorus solubilizing: Solubilizes both organic and inorganic forms of phosphorus, benefitting your plants immediately
  • Wide range of conditions: Azobacter can handle a variety of temperatures, salt concentrations, and pH levels, making it perfect for any environment
  • Faster release of rock phosphate: Improved phosphate availability means better growth and yield for your plants
  • No withholding period: Apply at any time up until harvest without fear of compromising your plants

How to Use

  1. Ensure you have the P-Solubalizing Microbes 50ml product ready to use.
  2. From seedling stages onwards, use the product at a rate of 1ml per 2L of water.
  3. Thoroughly water your plants with this solution, ensuring it reaches the root system for maximum absorption.
  4. Continue using this product throughout your plant's growth cycle to improve nutrient absorption and overall growth.

This listing is for 50mL of concentrated Microbes. 

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