Rice Hulls
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What is it?
Rice Hulls are the protective husks that cover grains of rice. Their size and shape provide excellent air-filled porosity, water-holding capacity and drainage to soils, making them an incredible aeration amendment. They have a high lignin and Silica content so they break down very slowly while acting as a slow release source of Silica and Nitrogen for your plants, as well as providing more organic matter to the soil.
Rice Hulls also provide a great top dress / mulching layer for your garden and the colour blends nicely with other soil components.
How do I use it?
We recommend using Rice Hulls in as an aeration amendment. For a NoTill setting use equal parts Rice Hulls and Grow Stones/Pumice/Scoria as the aeration component of your soil mix. Otherwise, Rice Hulls alone can be used for your aeration amendment for a few growing cycles, depending on microbial activity.

Sold per bag, at approx. 25 liters per bag.

Vendor: organic gardening solutions
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