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Sulfur Powder is now here!

Sulfur is a versatile element vital for all aspects of optimal plant function, most notably in regards to flavour and smell of harvest. Sulfur acts as a natural soil conditioner that will both assist in treating alkaline soils (High pH) OR assist if your regular water source has a high pH.  Furthermore It is able to sequester excess sodium, reducing the possibility of salt build up.

Sulfur is one of the fundamental building block of all terpenes, flavinoids and resins. With this in mind we want to ensure the plant has access to all the Sulfur it needs, to allow optimal production. 

Finally Sulfur powder Is also a fungicide having the ability to curtail unwanted fungal pathogens in your soil.

Add Sulfur to your garden today as either an amendment in the soil, or a top-dress additive today!

We recommend you mix 1 handful per 25L of compost or 75L of soil media.

please note sulfur is a known irritant and care should be taken to avoid inhalation or contact with the eye.

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