Wheat Bran
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What is it ?

Wheat Bran is just what you have been looking for, a quick acting source of phosphorus with additional Amino Acids and K to help balance your soil, or address a phosphorous deficiency. 

How does it work?

Wheat Bran is high in phytic acid, a saturated cyclic phosphate based acid. It is generally not absorbed by animals and hence over time has biologically evolved to be the principle way in which plants store phosphate (It is passed through the animal undigested and returned to the soil).

Soil microbes however are more than capable of breaking down phytic acid and making it available for plants to use. Releasing not only phosphorus but also a whooping 15% amino acids (by weight), as well as plentiful carbohydrates (50% by weight) this is a dream amendment.

Our special tip is to combined Wheat Bran with P-solubilizing microbes in a tea for the quickest form of organic phosphorus available!

You can also add 1/2 cup of wheat bran into your top dress mixture, or directly under your mulch layer each cycle.

Its overall NPK is 2.4 : 2.9: 1.6 

This product is sold in a 1kg quantity. 

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