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What is Zeolite?


Zeolite is a multifaceted soil amendment that offers nutrient retention, aeration, and water retention, and due to its highly porous nature (and the capillary effect), it serves as a wetting agent.

Zeolite is a highly porous, negatively charged (anionic) mineral capable of capturing positively charged molecules (cations) such as Nitrogen and Potassium. It then gradually releases them back into the soil, resulting in enhanced yields and a more effective use of nutrients in your soil.

It remains intact over time, continually contributing to soil structure. Depending on its moisture content, it can retain water when saturated or promote aeration when dry. This makes it a flexible soil amendment, allowing you to adjust its concentration to match your watering style. For instance, those who water lightly might use more.

Zeolite is neutral and won't adversely affect your soil microbes or plants. It can be incorporated into a soil mix or applied as a mulch layer.

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